Wednesday, September 24, 2008

My First Package from Big Sis Round 12 - totally spoiled!

So I am in the Dabbling Demo's Secret Sister Round 12 from SCS and loving it. Many of you know I recently quit my job to be with Maddy more, and I figured after skipping this past summer I was ready to spoil and be spoiled again. As you can see I was spoiled beyond belief from my Big Sis. Look at all these great goodies. I really love the altered frappacino bottle filled with the great candy corn. Then she also got me some of SU's clips, now to use them and not hoard them, something I am really great at (hoarding them that is). And I just adore the dum dum flowerpot, great idea, I can't wait to try one myself.

So here you go, my first entry in a while, but not my last. I have so many exciting things to share with you. I got a huge box of goodies from SU yesterday. I think my hubby tried not to faint as I kept pulling things out of the box to share with him. Unfortunuately, Maddy thought she should be sharing them as well, so I put it all back in the box and brought it to the basement, where I could savor things a little more easily. I have already managed to tear into most everything, mounted one stamp set already, made 4 cards from the new Holiday Simply Sent Kit and well you get the idea. I didn't mean to steal the spotlight from my Big Sis. So you will see more in the next post.
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