Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My New Area

This is the right side of the new room, the leftside will be for our other business - that's why no photos here of that side :)

I have room in the middle to set up my 6 foot table so I can have others over to play

The white table is not permanent just a way to house some stuff till I figure out everything
And I think you can see my rolling Cardstock cart behind it, (again that's why it's not permanent just works for now till I get all the other business stuff moved in too)

The shelves work great back to back, still have 1 empty one for all my stamp sets and other accessories

Pretty Cool place for my cricut, this is a box built over our sump pump with a removable lid. But I put in my request so I could put my cricut on it and now it finally has a home and can always be accessible, now to just get a rolling chair so I can roll from desk to cricut!
Will probably put a peg board above the cricut too, to hold the mats, and other supplies

I think this will be the setup, at least for now for the desk, and will probably put up some rails on the short wall next to window for my punches, currently in desk drawer, need to make an Ikea Run though

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Vikki Jo said...

WOW! I'm, jealous now! the yellow is so bright and cheery!
My room is so all wood! LOL I did paint the walls pink but I have floor to ceiling wall to wall shelving.
Your room is awesome!!!

Brenda said...

awesome! so clean, organized and yours! happy dance for you.

Lisa Hensley said...

this is so great!