Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Days 40-42, Project 365

Day 40: Why the heck are Little People in my shoes? Oh yea I put them there, Maddy got caught in the act :)

Day 41: So here's are little speed racer, great at right turns, although we try to get her going the other way, because when you enjoy Nascar there's only one direction to go. So she runs around the island now yelling "Left Turn, Left Turn" we gently correct her and tell her she's doing right turns, or urge her the other direction. She's trying out her new Nike's, so here's the cute part. We went to Kohl's last night, and Chris was trying on shoes, so she had to. So I said ok, you want to try on the Nike's? She goes Nike, OOoOOoOOooo, a kid after my own heart, I will turn her into a shoe nut yet, of course we think she may already be, she picks out what shoes she wants to wear whenever we go out (even if they are slightly inappropriate (i.e. sandals in the winter), but I figure if she actually went to the trouble of putting them on and they are on the correct feet, I go with it :)

Day 42: Here's Maddy helping Daddy out in the garage and loving it, by loading up her wheelbarrow with wood and handing him his tools. He is very appreciative of her help!!

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